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Semi Precious Gemstone Slabs, Semiprecious Stone Slab Manufacturer
Semi Precious Slabs
Gemstone Slab Manufacturer, Semiprecious Slab Supplier

Semi Precious Stone Slabs

Amethyst, Amethyst Semi Pricious Slabs, Crystal Quartz Slabs India

 :: Amethyst slabs

We have wide range of Amethyst stone slabs meant for the installation in interior of buildings like homes, offices, hotels, bars and swimming pools etc. Our Amethyst Slabs range has beautiful purple to violet shades, of diverse designs and patterns. They offer luxurious look to the places where they installed and stand as a symbol of balance and harmony.
Wild Crystal Quartz, Wild Crystal Quartz Semi Precious Slabs, India

 :: Wild Crystal Quartz Slabs

Our extensive range of Wild Crystal quartz slabs has a beautiful white as well as transparent look with stunning patterns that reflect light which falls on them and make them look more striking and eye-catching. These slabs symbolize peace and prosperity and make the place in which they are installed look very luxurious and posh.

Rose Quartz Slabs, Quartz Slabs, Ahmedabad

 :: Rose Quartz Slabs

Our rose quartz slabs range is available in diverse shades and alluring patterns that make them more desirable. They are mostly used in the interior of museums, offices, as counter tops. They offer brightness with a hue of pink which is very mesmerizing in nature. They stand for beauty and value.

Wild Agate Slabs, Wild Agate Semi Pricious Stone Slabs, Gujarat

 :: Wild Agate Slabs

Wild agate slabsstand for abundance and prosperity. Since they offer royal look to the place they are used to decorate they have good value in the market. Our range of this product is available in different shades of white along with enthralling patterns. These are eco-friendly and very easy to retain.

Gemstone Slabs 

Semi precious slabs

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