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Semi Precious Gemstone Countertops



 :: Semi Precious Gemstone Countertops

We are very renowned Semiprecious Gemstone Countertops manufacturer and supplier. These semi precious gemstone countertops are made from natural and selected semi-precious stones bound with resin to create a visually appealing solid surface. The offered semiprecious countertops are ideal for kitchen counters, bar counters, hotel counters, and counters of bathroom etc. These are easy to keep clean and maintain and even easy to install. These are also very enduring and do not lose their magnificent appearance for a life span. We offer many striking semi-precious color options in-stock and available for prompt delivery to your home or office. Collection of very exclusive semi precious slab luxury furniture, counter top, vanity top, backsplash, backlit furniture, backlit counter top, walling , flooring & many other applications. Get best cheapest sale price for luxury interior furniture in semi precious gemstones.

Standard size: solid slab of dimensions 97”’x49”x ¾” /2463x1244x20 mm   

Can be customized in diverse dimensions


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